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Cleaning Consultant Services

Matrix provides cleaning consulting services to property managers, cleaning firms and, organizations of all sizes.  We work with clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to school districts to develop clear, effective, goal-oriented processes and action plans.  Our cleaning consultants focus on bottom line results.

Whether you manage your own staff or outsource, you can benefit from our cleaning consultant services and expertise. Since our fees are usually performance based, you won't pay anything unless we save you money and improve service.

If you manage your own staff, our cleaning consultants can help you by...

  • Benchmarking your staffing levels
  • Automating inspections and work orders with our exclusive web-based tools
  • Conducting quality assurance surveys
  • Designing and delivering training programs
  • Analyzing in-house vs. outsource feasibility
  • Developing zero-based workloads and specifications

If you already outsource, we can help you by...

  • Preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Assisting in the contractor selection process
  • Evaluating service levels
  • Helping the contractor improve service
  • Reducing supply costs

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