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Cleanrooms are operation critical and Matrix has the expertise to ensure that yours is fully productive.  We tailor each program to the facility‚Äôs unique needs, products, and processes.  Whether we use our products and equipment or yours, you can rest assured that this important part of your operation is being cleaned by professionals with years of training and hand-on experience.

Extensive training, built around your standard operating procedures is the cornerstone of our program.  We certify the proficiency of every team member that is responsible for a cleanroom.  Our Super Clean Certification Process is composed of the following modules:

  • The Theory of Cleanroom Cleaning
  • Cleaning Techniques Cleanroom Maintenance
  • Ground Rules for Maintenance Cleanroom
  • Cleanroom Apparel and Gowning Techniques
  • Basic Cleanroom Maintenance
  • Aseptic Chemicals and Validation Procedures
  • Supervising Cleanroom Cleaning

Whether your cleanroom is ISO Class 8 or ISO Class 3, sterile or non-sterile, large or small, Matrix works with your team to optimize your cleaning protocols.  We can clean it and keep it clean.



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