Craig Rudin, the CEO of our sister company, Superior Sany Solutions, gave a presentation about supply management during the BOMA Canada: Prepare your building for back to work webinar. 

Craig outlined four areas that are important to think about when it comes to supplies: personal hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), signage for tenant communication, and facility cleaning. The supply for these areas will be affected by certain new behaviors, supply chain requirements and budgeting restrictions happening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many people will be increasing certain aspects of their personal hygiene, including handwashing, using hand sanitizer, additional cleaning of their own workspaces themselves, and social distancing. Craig says that this increase will create a need for hand sanitizing stations, surface sanitizing solutions and touchless technology.  

Craig offered some advice for budgeting to meet these increased demands. He suggests using bulk hand sanitizer with a large dispenser, using the right solution for the right risk profile, and establishing longer term pricing and agreements with your supplier. 

Another important change happening during this pandemic is the increased use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This can include increased usage of masks and gloves in public spaces. Craig says this requires increased PPE supplies, mask and glove disposal solutions, as well as possible PPE dispensing machines to help with cost control 

One of the most important things to think about when it comes to PPE is implementing a waste stream protocol for masks and gloves so there is no further contribution to transmission. 

An ongoing addition to life after the pandemic will include better signage and communication. According to Craig, two of the main increased communication types you will need is traffic flow or social distancing signage, as well as cleaning validation signage. Another way you can ensure tenants know areas are being cleaned is by having more custodians cleaning during the day, when more people are likely to see them. It’s wise to also use signage to let people know if/when an area has been cleaned. Craig says there are many ways to do this including decals, posters and especially digital communication displays.  

Craig says its important to use available technology to the best of your ability such as using dashboards related to cleaning, and photo validation of results. Another one of our sister companies, Modern, created an app called FotoFinish, specifically designed to validate cleaned areas.  

Facility cleaning providers will be providing continuous, high touchpoint sanitization in response to the pandemic. This will also include an increased cleaning scope as well as periodic disinfection. Craig mentioned that this will create a need for more disinfectants, PPE equipment and higher quality training programs for cleaning personnel. Budgeting for these new considerations will include utilizing risk assessment tools to prescribe high frequency touch points by area, developing an enhanced scope of work to communicate to clients, and investing in quality assurance solutions. 

You can view the full BOMA Canada webinar here: 

You can view the PowerPoint presentation here: 

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