Our Directory of Safety and Quality Mike Cadotte, and Director of Operations, Tim Bracken, presented their expertise during the BOMA Philadelphia Looking Ahead: The New Era of Clean webinar.

Mike started off by emphasizing how different things will be in the future. We are entering the New Era of Clean and “it’s easier to close your doors than to re-open them.” He stressed that the mental health of your occupants is just as important as their physical health during this difficult time.

Giving people peace of mind starts with building entry policies. Mike suggests deciding what requirements you will be implementing in advance. Some entry policies might include temperature checks, contact history, and hand sanitizing stations.

Using our own U.S GDI offices as an example Mike says that you should prepare your space for the new normal. We will be using markers in elevators and stairwells to communicate proper social distancing and direction of travel to avoid having people pass by each other too closely, limiting the amount of people using cafeterias and conference rooms, and looking at face shields for offices occupied by more than one person.

Re-opening should involve several phases. Mike suggests laying out three phases ahead of time while determining what will be involved in each, as well as the requirements needed to move onto the next one. Mike reminded us that things can change, and you might need to return to a previous phase if you see a spike in community cases. This gives you the opportunity to revisit your original plan and fix anything that didn’t work the first time.

One thing that Mike highlighted about creating new policies, is that you need the leadership to enforce them to ensure their success. “Management is creating policies, leadership is enforcing those policies,” he said.

Tim also joined the conversation to discuss ways you can enhance cleaning during the New Era of Clean. These include having a separate porter for disinfection who wears a different uniform, changing the scope of work, and using EPA registered chemicals. He stressed the importance of having properly labeled (and regularly sanitized) bins for people to use to dispose of mask and gloves so we don’t see them becoming litter, just tossed away anywhere.

Mike finished off the webinar by wishing everyone luck with their re-opening phases. If you want to see the webinar to get even more helpful information, please visit https://www.bomaphila.com/files/GDI%20Services%20-%20The%20New%20Era%20of%20Cleaning.mp4

GDI wants to thank Mike and Tim for sharing their expertise, to Dawn Criville for managing the question period, and to BOMA Philadelphia for putting on such a great webinar.

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